As UX designer, we have a very unique position in the tech workforce. We are trained to obsess over the root cause of a problem before we can even whisper the word “solution”. However, organizations that hire us only ever want the solutions without all of the effort to dissect what was wrong in the first place.

From C-Level Executives who issue tight deadlines to team members who refuse to collaboratively think about ambiguous problems. Employees are trained to need structured meetings to pay attention. …

Every morning I come across a bright yellow shared/rent-a-vehicle type moped. Now this thing has been on the corner of the same pavement for at least 3 days now. And while I have used Bird and Lime, I was curious as to how this moped worked. My assumption was that it was not very different.

The moped was owned by a company called Muving.

I had only ever rode on a scooter once before and it was a disaster, but out of curiosity, I wanted to see how this worked.

The first thing that caught my eye were two of…

Want to start a business? Great, I put together a simple, very doable checklist for you.

  • An idea/concept for a business — You can read my post “What No One Tells You About How to Generate & Choose a Business Idea” if you need help with this.
  • Time (this one is very important)
  • A medium/distribution channel that will help you reach your target market
  • A WiFi connection, a laptop and/or phone line (does not have to be decent)
  • A basic understanding of how to use social media (could even just be SMS)
  • Ability to think and jot down your ideas…

If you have read about design thinking, the Lean Startup movement or Agile methodology then you know that they all have one thing in common: Always Be Listening to your Customer.

It preaches understanding a user’s real life needs/problems, building a minimally viable solution and testing that solution with users. And in that way, startups can more quickly tweak the idea into something that will actually sell and be used.

And while this all sounds great, I was recently asked a very interesting question that made me revisit what it meant to listen to your customer.

Bob (not his real…

Differentiation. A word that used to keep me awake at night.

In the extremely competitive markets we have created today, answering the question of differentiation is seen to be almost impossible.

A simple google search will lead you to a lot of useless less than ideal articles about how to differentiate your business, such as:

Forbes — How to distinguish your business from the competition

Masterful Marketing — 8 ways to differentiate your business

Many of these articles cite differentiation as being able to specialize in an area, target a niche market and provide unparalleled customer service. Hell, the Forbes…

Like many of us, I used to get overly possessive about my ideas.

A specialized tampon for women with tilted uterus’, a better pavement material that does not fuck up our knees, an app to predict crowd density and patterns — just you name it.

But as the idea gets out there — as it does — like a child, I get overly needy for validation and demotivated at the sight of disapproval. And maybe many of us feel this way because it is OUR idea and it is hard to think of good ideas, OK!

So, when we finally…

Sarah Ibrahim

I’m a User Experience Designer and Entrepreneur who does not believe in spending large amounts of money to start a business.

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